Tour de France and top ten french songs

Lo and behold Tour de France has started – a true sign of summer. I got inspired dig a little bit deeper into the connection between Tour de France and music. 

As it turns out there is a connection and in the early days of the competition it had theme songs that usually became big hits. The tour and it’s contestants continue to inspire musicians to this day. Read more about this in this article.

I also went looking to see if any teams or users had provided Spotify with any of these songs. There is an album available where you can hear some of them:

Other than that I found out that Team Sky added a playlist of their own a couple back in 2013. There’s also a few playlists containing various french songs, other playlists on the theme contains random hits with no direct connection to the competition other than in the playlistmakers head. Well, well…

Best french songs ever?

I’m a great lover of french music although I couldn’t put an entire french sentence together on my own. I’d be luckier making Croissants. It all started with Mylene Farmer and Edith Piaf. Both made quite an impression on me growing up. Since then I’ve been discovering and collecting songs sung in french. Here’s my spontanious top ten:

Most of them can be found in my french playlist:

That playlist will also be my contribution to Tour de France. I would also like to thank the one person who got the genious idea to put all the different recordings of Claude François. french take on ”December, 1963”. He is by far my favourite dancer and watching this always makes me happy!

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