Tiki, Exotica, Easy Listening and Cocktails in the bar – Music and playlist

I finally got around to compiling a playlist with my favourite songs from the Tiki, Exotica, Easy Listening genre. The kind you might wanna play in your stylish bachelor pad from the 60’s, if you were Jack Lemon – living in a Billy Wilder movie. 

It all started with Exotica

I’ve had my eye on these genres for a long time, Exotica especially and I’ve dabbled with compiling a playlist before. The difficult thing was that it either got too narrow or too wide. Too many monkey sounds and trembling string sections. Listening to Exotica for hours and hours will probably drive you slightly mad, mixing it up with other related styles makes it easier to swallow. That’s how I feel any way.

And that’s why I included other styles too. Related to Exotica. I imagined myself in a tiki bar in Polynesia, listening to songs that goes well with the sound of the nearby ocean waves. I thought the obvious Tiki music and an easy listning/jazz number would do fine. I also thought some smooth pop songs could work.  Theres also other styles that aren’t mentioned in the title, or it would have gone on forever. They are Surf, British string orchestras and a touch of Rock n’ Roll.

I like the mix and especially enjoy playing it while I cook. Probably since it’s smooth and easy to whistle along too, which I do if my cooking goes as planned. 😀

Here’s this months playlist, cheers!




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