I am Birgitta and all my life I’ve loved music.

It probably because I didn’t have many friends growing up, so music became one of my best friends.

Back then, people made mixed tapes, so I grew up on that tradition. I made lots with my favorite artists, genres and moods.

I grew up on 80s music in the early days I listened to pop and synth. Later I had a long period of listening to Soul – old 60s and (at that time contemporary) New Jack Swing and Prince.

Then came the 90s with Grunge and a little Rock, followed by my Jazz period.

Eventually Spotify came too and I put my MP3 player on the shelf. Instead I started making mixes there instead. And thats how I store my music.

I still love listening to music and often go exploring ”new” songs. That being said I don’t listen to that much contemporary music these days. I mostly enjoy the old stuff. Lately I’ve become very interested in music from other cultures too, so I don’t shy away from songs in other languages than my own and English.

In order to make some sense of all the music I find and enjoy, I make playlists. On this page I thought I would write more about my explores and playlists. Perhaps you’ll find your new favorite song too.