We’ve got the best planet in the world

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This planet is the best planet I know. It has lots of interesting animals and people, beautiful skies and winter. Snails, frogs and ants. Cows, dogs and octopuses. Chocolate, beer, wi-fi and bees, lots of wonderful bees. As Donald Drumpf would say: ”We’ve got the best bees in the world”. For once he would be right.

This year I bought a bee hotel for bees who struggle with shelter during the winter. If that saves one of them, I’ve made a change. I also gave my parents one. They live on the country side and will probably be more lucky with theirs. It’s a good gift idea. 😀

There are 285 spices of wild bees in Sweden. A third of them live under threat from extinction. There’s also 300 spices of bumblebees but 15 of them have already become extinct.
Of all the bees 250 spices are solitary bees. They live alone and vary in size, colour (usually one of, or a mix of: black, yellow, red, white) and ehm.. fur. 😀 Solitary bees usually stay close to home (100 meters) which means that if you can get a solitary bee to move in,you’ve got a nice little helper for pollinating your trees, vegetables and fruits.
In an environment full of different flowers there can be as many as hundred different spices of solitary bees. Together with bumblebees they are the most important pollinating animal. Cute too! 😀

#Earthsongs today since Jim reminded me that today is World Environment Day. #MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain

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