Eating insects

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Mowgli: You eat ants?
Baloo: You better believe it. And you’re gonna love the way they tickle.

Lots of people eat insects around the world, but western countries are reluctant. However the benefits of eating insects are many. Here’s 5 of them:

1. They provide necessary nutrients
2. Insects release fewer greenhouse gases than traditional livestock
3. It makes economic sense
4. They are less likely to make us sick
5. They’re everywhere

Here’s a good video from the Economist too:

The UN officially encourages people to eat more insects. So the EU are investigating it, which is taking forever… zzz… Although some of it’s countries, eager to get started already allow some insects (unfortunately not my own bureaucratic one). More info here: or google search your country.

Personally I can’t wait to add insects to my diet. How do you feel about it? Already eating some? 😀


I originally posted this text at Gods JukeBox (a forum for music lovers), combining my love of music with my interest in sustainability issues. The song that went with this post was ”Bare Necessities” sung by Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman.

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